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Privacy Policy

Business Innovation Partners Co., Ltd (hereafter called BIPC) works to promote the protection of personal information by defining hereby its privacy protection policy, by setting up a mechanism dedicated to this purpose and by thoroughly enhancing its employees awareness regarding the importance of this matter.
We may amend our policy as needed. The latest policy will be written and published on this page.

Handling of personal information

Personal information acquired by BIPC will be used to inform about our services, to answer inquiries and to deliver materials via email and other methods to our clients. BIPC also may use personal information acquired for legitimate business purposes (including, but not limited to the improvement of the service provided to the customer and the amelioration of BIPC website’s usability).
BIPC shall respond to requests from our clients for addition, correction and/or deletion of its personal information in accordance with internal regulations.

BIPC uses “cookies” to track the user’s activity on its website. Cookies are small files that are stored on the hard disk of the visitor through the web browser. Many web browsers allow the user to enable or disable the usage of cookies. The configuration may differ between each browser. Please check the manual/help page for your settings. Disabling cookies may partially prevent users from using our website.

BIPC is a global company, and there may be cases of shared use of personal information by BIPC Group around the globe for the purpose of providing our services. Also, we share personal information with companies whom we have non-disclosure agreements with, within a reasonably limit as to carry out our tasks.

BIPC website includes links to other websites (hereafter called External Pages). BIPC is not liable regarding the usage of personal information on these External Pages. We recommend visiting such External Pages upon checking their privacy policy.

Compliance with laws, ordinances and other codes

BIPC adheres closely to all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations related to privacy protection. BIPC may disclose personal information if required by a court order or by the law without the client’s approval.

Should you have any inquiry regarding our privacy policy, please contact