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Business Innovation Partners Co., Ltd. President : Nasukawa, as a member of Japan Die & Mold Industry Association international committee, participated in FADMA meeting held in Seoul. By the annual report from each countries, there are shown that demand and export decline in East asia(China, South Korea, Taiwan), Thai aims to develop as the R&D center of the Asian model for automobile, Philippine is seeking the industrial integration as ASEAN automobile producing country following Thai, Indonesia. Therefore, India keeps high growth mainly by automobile and the most powerful in 8 countries. BIPC is going to participate in International Special Tooling & Machining Association meeting held at June 2017 in Brazil. BIPC keeps activities to turn Japanese die & mold industry into the growth industry taking world demand by Asian network. 20170307image1 20170307image2


STEP1:Get clues for your overseas expansion
  • International business tours
  • International exhibition tours
  • Business meetings in your country with foreign companies
STEP2:Learn about foreign markets
  • Seminars on overseas business expansion
  • Investigation of target country’s companies
  • Investigation of target country’s companies
  • Survey of your target country’s market
  • Listing of the local players
  • Diagnosis on overseas expansion


STEP3:Expand your business overseas
  • Feasibility study
  • Sales/promotion
  • Supplier investigation
  • Matching with local corporations for sales, joint-operations, joint venture, etc.
  • Arrangement of business meetings
  • Advices from local staff
  • Business meetings in your target country
  • Appointments with local companies
  • Participation in local exhibitions
  • Arrangement of the visits of customers to your country
STEP4A:Establish a local branch
  • Establishment of a local corporation
  • Establishment of a joint venture company
  • Construction of a local factory
  • M & A
  • Development of industrial land / selling or renting land for factories
  • Renting of small-sized factories/offices/residences for employees
  • Company registration
  • Accounting and tax service
  • Human resources and formation of laborers
  • Management of overseas branches
  • Outsourcing of overseas administration departments
STEP4B:Do business with foreign companies from your country
  • Support for contracts/NDA
  • Localization of your product
  • Quotes/negotiations
  • Acquisition of mass production approvals
  • Acquisition of certificate of origin
  • Import and export management
  • Import and export management
  • Inspection support
  • Collection of claims
  • Aftercare maintenance support
STEP5:Develop further your oversea business
  • Support for the development of new sales channels
  • Finding customers and distributors
  • Marketing consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Corporation consulting (Organizational change for entire company / development of human resources/ program for improvement of your profit and loss balance)