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Background of Company Establishment

    President : Jin Nasukawa

―Please explain the background of the company establishment.

My name is Nasukawa. Having experiences in working at a general trading company, in my opinion major trading company has strength in supporting big companies by moving big commercial distributions. However, on the other hand, small and medium-sized companies which support Japan industrial pyramid and possess condensed specific technologies and know-how, only have a few who would support them when they want to sally forth into the world, and I felt that this is a barrier for Japan’s globalization.
For this reason, I wanted to build a company that would function as an infrastructure and framework to support overseas business expansion for small and medium-sized companies that support Japanese industry whose technology and know-how are world’s leading but could not find a starting point to build factories overseas and in customer acquisition. With this passion, I established this company in 2009.

―As a supporting industry, why did you set your focus on die and mold industry at first?

Before the company’s establishment, we had a discussion among our assembled members about which industry should be our target in supporting small and medium-sized companies’ overseas operations and at that time there were many opinions such as energy industry, environmental field, etc.
But I thought that the industry which we would have the possibility to contribute and whose small and medium-sized companies have the biggest potential to succeed in global expansion, is neither downstream field such as automobile, energy, environment, retail, etc. which can be easily understood by even common consumers, nor upstream field with big volumes such as fabrics, materials, energy, but rather “Midstream Field”, which is indistinctive yet a strength of Japanese manufacturing industry and considered behind in global expansion compared to the other two fields.
If we break down the Midstream Field, there is materials process industry and in the product pyramidal structure, die and mold industry has a condensed manufacturing know-how that I thought has a potential international competitiveness.
Especially, die and mold industry is literally a community of small and medium-sized companies where more than 90% of them are groups of technical experts with less than 20 employees. Therefore I decided to focus and make efforts in this industry. This decision is not from an accumulated past information but derived from our ideal.

―How did you start your contribution in die and mold industry?

In order to make something starting from scratch, I spent a lot of time meeting different people from the industry, actively going to the field to exchange opinions with people from the industry.
My analysis based on my experiences in trading company and management consulting is that the die and mold industry is extremely domestic. It is left behind as major manufacturers are expanding abroad and there is a clear tendency that the industry is declining because it operates only in Japan. If it does not change its perspective to global view, I feel a sense of danger that it will decay despite of being a foundation of manufacturing industry.
For this reason, I keep on saying to people in the die and mold industry that it is important to do industrial reformation. Gaining agreements from management of the industry who aim for overseas expansion, I obtained a chance to make efforts across the industry.
It developed to a project called “Die and Mold Japan Brand” that serves as a supporting pillar of overseas expansion for many small and middle die and mold manufacturers until now.

―What is the key to Business Innovation Partners Co., Ltd.’s growth?

The reason why we could successfully grow as a venture company since our establishment is that we specialized ourselves in a field that no other company wants to do. We focused on a particular product field and took aim at a business field that has a high risk low return in the short term but has a potential to give big return in the long term.
We did not choose a field that offers easy profits but we challenged ourselves in a difficult field to be our business and created our own field from nothing.
For example, we conducted hearings with about 50 die and mold manufacturers across Japan to understand current situation and collect the needs of overseas expansion. We did this without any payment nor profit and outsiders thought it was strange but we earned trust from people of the industry by patiently continuing this activity.
As we aim to reach for our goal, in order to operate faithfully and pursuit our ideal, we believe that this is our task regardless of the profit, and as an organization that aims for Japanese manufacture’s globalization, firstly we seize our customers’ success in overseas expansion as our business chance.

―Please explain your future vision.

Currently, while we are operating with trust from die and mold industry as our basis, we are receiving demand from the whole material process industry. Furthermore, following the demands we receive, we are proactively diversifying our activity without limiting it to any particular industry. Apart from the Japanese industry, we are continuously expanding our network with government officials and industries from various countries such as ASEAN, North and Central America, the EU and especially Germany etc.
We would like to continue our cooperation with our local partners such as overseas governments, associations and companies that have recognized us as an existence that represents Japanese product field, and also who have regarded us not only as a private company, but also as an infrastructure-like existence that represents Japan. Our company would like to continue to pursuit our ideal as an organization in order to bring out our existential value.