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Business Mission @Vietnam, Myanmar


12/1/2016 - 16/1/2016
  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • Myammar
Type of service
  • Mission
Steps of service
  • Get clues for your overseas expansion
  • Learn about foreign markets
  • Expand your business overseas


Business Mission was held in Vietnam, Myanmar organized by Hokujo city(Iwate prefecture, Japan). Total 17 members such as Hokujo mayor, representatives from manufacture, agriculture, finance sectors and students from Japanese high school visited each countries.


We visited Japanese metal processing and agricultural companies, had explanations of the current situations and interviews.
Therefore, we visited Local companies to get first-hand information which is necessary to consider oversea advance, and through social gathering with local operating companies, we collected Vietnam and Myanmar business information.

Business Innovation partners Co., Ltd. conducted planning, arrangement, mission support in each countries.